Monkstone beach, Pembrokeshire  10th January 2020
(Original design - Lillian L Rossland)

New Years Day 2020  Traeth Llyfn, Pembrokeshire

Winter Solstice  December 22nd  Mwnt, Ceredigion

John Muir Award   Freshwater West  November 2019

'Double Helix' (after a crop circle from July 1996) - Newport Sands   November 2019

8th anniversary of heart transplant - Tenby November 2019

'Bakugou' (Japanese Anime)   Traeth Llyfn  20th October 2019

Zentangle  Tenby  11th September  2019

Traeth Llyfn, Pembrokeshire 1st August 2019
Lammas  Mandala

Mwnt  14th July 2019
As part of the 'Edge of the World' party

Caerfai, St Davids, Pembrokeshire  4th July 2019

Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire  2nd July 2019

Druidstone Haven 21st May 2019

Tenby 11th May 2019

Tenby 5th April 2019

Tenby 23rd March 2019

Tenby 21st March 2019

Spring Equinox  Mwnt   March 20th 2019

Aberporth - Ceredigion January 4th 2019

Traeth Llyfn - Pembrokeshire January 1st 2019

Mwnt, Ceredigion  22nd December 2018

Tenby   10th December  2018

Skrinkle Haven, Pembrokeshire  26th November 2018

Newport Sands, Pembrokeshire  25th November 2018

Tenby  28th October 2018

Caerfai 24th October 2018

Traeth Llyfn 25th September 2018

Pwllgwaelod  31st August 2018

Llangrannog 29th June 2018

Summer Solstice - Traeth Llyfn  21st June 2018

New Quay 12th June 2018

Penbryn 27th May 2018

Lamphey Primary School workshop - Tenby   17th May 2018

Tresaith, Ceredigion  16th May 2018

Aberporth, Ceredigion  15th May 2018

Beltane   Mwnt, Ceredigion  2nd May 2018

Saunton Sands, Devon 13th April 2018

21st birthday portrait of my niece Jessie   Newport sands, Pembrokeshire  1st April 2018

Spring Equinox     Mwnt    20th March 2018

Whitesands 16th February 2018

St Catherines Island Tenby   5th February 2018

18th Birthday portrait of my niece Lily on Whitesands beach, St Davids 
     15th January 2018

New Years Day 2018 Mwnt

Traeth Llyfn  24th September 2017 - Sri Yantra Land Art Project

Tenby  23rd September 2017

Mwnt  10th September 2017

Mwnt  22nd August 2017 - celebration of a life

Mwnt  13th August 2017

Traeth Llyfn 12th August 2017

Tenby 8th August 2017

Traeth Llyfn 25th July 2017

Traeth Llyfn 12th July 2017

Tenby 7th June 2017

Bridlington, 28th April 2017

Tenby 10th April 2017

Mwnt, Ceredigion  January 1st 2017

Caerfai, St David's Pembrokeshire   November 29th 2016

Pwllgwaelod    October 14th 2016

Mwnt 22nd September 2016

Mwnt 31st August 2016

Traeth Llyfn, Pembrokeshire   23rd August 2016

Mwnt 27th June 2016

Tenby 22nd June 2016

Tenby 15th June 2016

Pwllgwaelod 28th May 2016 

Pwllgwaelod 25th May 2016 

New Quay 14th May 2016

Tenby 13th April 2016

Mwnt 20th March 2016 

Traeth Llyfn 14th February 2016 

Tenby 27th January 2016

Mwnt 15th January 2016 

Traeth Llyfn 27th December 2015 

 Mwnt December 4th 2015

Pwllgwaelod 25th October 2015 

Traeth Llyfn 30th August  2015

Mwnt 20th August 2015

Traeth Llyfn 16th August  2015

Tenby   7th May 2015

Mwnt     18th April 2015

March 3rd 2015 Whiteford Burrows, Gower, Wales 

Jan 2nd 2015  Mwnt   Ceredigion